Well hello there beautiful human! Welcome to the page that talks all things coaching.

Coffee and Mindset really came to life through my own experiences and growth with my own coaches and in this I found my passion and my calling.

I love talking and coaching, and being that support system for people. It’s exactly why I’ve laid out different ways to test out if coaching is for you.




You’re not quiet ready to dive into the mindset stuff but are super ready to dive into the health stuff! Let’s go.




Individualized stuff seems a tad too intense and creating a bond with like minded fabulous humans is the place to be! Let’s go.


One on One


Give it to me straight and let’s blow this bitch out of the water.

It’s you, it’s me, and it’s alllllll the shit in between.

We will not leave a story or belief untouched, we will not leave a goal hidden deep down, and we will bring all of it to light.

To grow, to crush, and to create that new version of you.